In the process between shooting and premiere, everything needs to fall into place: subtitling, dialogue lists, graphics and sound mixing. We rough-subtitle daily shoots, produce dialogue lists, do audio mixes and subtitle DCPs. We have a fully equipped studio for recording voiceovers and editing video at our offices on Kungsholmen in central Stockholm.

Language and technology go hand in hand at Svensk Medietext – if you need a voiceover able to pronounce Hungarian words fluently or a creative way to visualise linguistic details, the solution is just a few doors down.

Born out of the public service industry, we have the most extensive subtitling experience in the business – and not just the linguistic side. With the right technology, you can determine the look of your subtitles in advance. Choose a typeface that fits your film’s graphic profile, or position them perfectly in relation to the picture. Whatever you need.

Do you have a film with graphics and captions that you want to look the same in another language? Or a vision of captions that move across the screen, changing size and colour on the way? We’ve done more difficult things than that.

Talk to us. We know language and technology.

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