Same-language subtitling

Same-language subtitling means English subtitles on English programming, or Swedish subtitles on Swedish. This type of subtitling makes the content accessible to viewers with hearing impairments or who are not native speakers, as well as viewers who want to keep the sound off.

Same-language subtitles have seen a huge upswing in recent years. By law, all Swedish films shown in Swedish cinemas must have same-language subtitles, and in online advertising and videos, subtitles will guarantee that your message gets through with or without sound. The use of Swedish subtitles with Swedish audio is now commonplace.

Increasing numbers of government agencies and organisations are demanding same-language subtitles. In fact, media must by law be made accessible for people with various disabilities. Find out more about subtitles for accessibility here.

We transcribe and adapt speech to writing. Some editing is always involved, but if you need to adapt the register and pace to a specific target group, we’ve got the know-how.

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