Accessibility, subtitling and interpreting

Svensk Medietext offers many types of accessibility services for people with hearing or visual impairments, including same-language subtitling, sign language interpreting and audio description of pre-recorded material, as well as simultaneous subtitling of live broadcasts.

We also have extensive experience of surtitling theatrical performances. Find out more about surtitling here.

Many organisations have lobbied for more subtitling of films and video material on television and in cinemas, and more recently online, too. In autumn 2018, the EU Web Accessibility Directive went into effect, requiring online information from public authorities to be accessible to people with disabilities. As of 23 September 2019, all websites published since the directive came into force must follow these guidelines. As of 23 September 2020, older websites must also meet the requirements.

Find out more on the Swedish Agency for Digital Government website.

Svensk Medietext can provide the solutions your organisation or business needs.

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