Translation for cinema

Svensk Medietext has Sweden’s most experienced cinema translators. A theatrical translator is accustomed to the wide screen and very familiar with the demands it places on editing and artistic craftsmanship. A good cinema translation must not only be correct and capture the tone of the dialogue, but also has to be creative in relation to the image and staging, in order to harmonise with the whole.

We are proud that SF Studios, the Swedish Film Institute, Disney, UIP and Sony Pictures have chosen us to provide their theatrical subtitles.

In addition, we can manage the whole process from translation to producing the subtitled DCP. We have the resources in house, which saves time and reduces the risk of error.

In recent years, Swedish cinemas have begun screening Swedish films with same-language subtitles. Our many years of experience from television mean we can produce subtitles that work for both hearing and hearing-impaired audience members.

When the film is no longer playing in cinemas, we provide you with a home entertainment version for streaming services, DVD or other desired formats and platforms. Contact us with your needs and we’ll come up with a solution.

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